1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 390(+86) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. +6.6(+0.8) Attack speed 0.685(+3.2%)
Mana 240(+45) Armor 15(+3)
Mana regen. 7(+.5) Magic resist. 30(+1.5)
Attack range 600 Mov. speed N/A


Earth Power
Twisted Advance

Everytime he uses ability he gain 30 health and 50 mana in over 5 seconds. This will effective in every 3 seconds.

Fire Power
COST: 25 mana

Passive: His basic attack will gain additional magic damage. Active: Summons a fire wisp in his surroundings, this ball auto attacks to nearby unit dealing magic damage per second/attack. Max summon: 3 wisp.

  • Additional magic damage: (+ 15/25/35/45/55% AP)

  • Fire ball's damage per attack: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 (+ 15% AP)

Water Power
COST: 25 mana

Passive: In every 10 bonus AP he gain bonus percentage of attack speed. Active: Next basic attack will deal magic damage and takes a splash damage in the target's area. Additionally he summon a water wisp, which gives heal per basic attack been made. Max summon: 3 wisp.

  • Bonus attack speed per 10 AP: 1% / 1.5% / 2% / 2.5% / 3%

  • Heal per attack per wisp: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50

  • maximum heal at max wisp: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150

  • Magic damage: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+ 35% AP)(+ 80% of his AD)  

Wind Power
COST: 25 mana
Righteous Gust

Passive: All spell debuff effects will be reduced by 50% based on his missing health. Active:Summons wind wisp in his surroundings which gives bonus movement speed. Max summon: 3 wisp.

  • Bonus movement speed: 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 14%

COST: 200
COOLDOWN: 25 seconds
Wild Growth

Active:He morphs into a new Stellar warrior, he can morph into 12 different Stellar Warrior. Morph will be based on the wisp summoned and it is strictly based on the combinations of wisp and order of summon. Example: Fire,Wind,Fire=Virgo ,this warrior gain new 3 skills and new passive. He cant morph unless he summon at max 3 wisp.

Morph ListEdit

  • Damages are at maximum rank and cooldown found at the last in every skill.


Combination:Fire,Fire,Fire (melee)

  • Passive=He will gain 30 armor and magic resist plus 30 based on his missing health.
  • Q (Rush)=Dashes in the target lane deal 280 (+ 70% AP)  magic damage in every unit it encounter and pushes the first unit it encounter which stunned while pushed and applies slow to unit for 30% of his movement speed. (6.5 seconds)
  • W (Earthquake)= Pounces the ground in the target area. Which deal 250 (+ 65% AP) magic damage and creates a single tremorslowing all damaged unit by 25% of their movement speed and attack speed for 3 seconds. (8seconds)
  • E (Violent Roar)=Taurus shouts creates a blast of proud roar which deal 190 (+ 100% Attack damage of target unit AD) (+ 55% AP) as magic damage. Then he gain 25% of damage per unit as armor which last for 4 seconds. (10 seconds)
  • R (Demorph)=Morph back into his normal body. 



Combination:Wind,Wind,Wind (melee)

  • Passive=He summons his clone which is controllable by holding Alt key + controls. This clone is untargetable, has same status to Arcturus but he did not auto attack.
  • Q (Summon)=He summon his clone to the target area which deal 220 (+ 55% AP) as magic damage. (5 seconds)
  • W (Detonate)= His clone create an explosion in clone's area which deal 260 (+ 75% AP) as magic damage and applies slowing effects to all damaged unit by 25% of thier movement speed plus 45% based on targets present health. (7 seconds)
  • E (Switch)=Passive:his basic attack deal 80 (+ 35% AD) bonus physical damage and this will enhance by 50% on target having 30% below health. Active:They switches stances between him and his clone. After switching stances he gain 20% bonus movement speed for 3.5 seconds.(12 seconds)
  • R (Demorph)=Morph back into his normal body. 


Urchin Strike

Combination:Water,Water,Water (range)

  • Passive=He gain double regeneration for 2.5 seconds after using skill, duration can be stackable up to 3 times. (7.5 seconds). He passively gain 25% bonus movement speed on the river.
  • Q (Water Splash)=splashes the target cone with water, which deal 180 (+ 45% AP) as magic damage and reduces the targets magic resist by 5% for 3 seconds. Magic resist debuff can stack for up to 50% max. (2 seconds)
  • W (Fountain)=Creates a fountain in the target area, after 0.75 second delay it creates a vertical splash of water. It will deal 270 (+ 85% AP) as magic damage and knock the target airborne for 1.25 seconds.(6.5seconds)
  • E (Flooded Area)=Creates an area of flooded water in the target area. On cast it will deal 225 (+ 55% AP)magic damage and silences unit for 1.5 seconds. Flooded area will last for 7 seconds, this area gives him and allies bonus 14% defenses and 23% bonmus movement speed inside.(14 seconds)
  • R (Demorph)=Morph back into his normal body. 



Combination:Fire,Water,Fire (melee)

  • Passive: He gain 45% of AP as bonus AD. Then his basic attacks and abilities has 25% armor penetration.
  • Q (Pincer)=He gain Bonus movement speed by 35% in over 3 seconds. Which his next basic attack will deal 110(+ 65% of his AD) (+ 45% AP) as Physical damage. He also gain 65 range on next attack.(4 seconds)
  • W (Fierce Cut)=Using his pincer, he cleaves his surroundings which deal 200 (+ 80% bonus AD)(+ 45% AP) as physical damage.Damage will increase by 20% on target have been applied debuff.(6seconds)
  • E (Thorn Exoskeleton)=Growing up his thorn in hsi body which gains 300 (+ 90% bonus AD)(+ 75% AP)as armor that absorb incoming damages for 3 second.While armor is active , he will deal same amount physical damage in his surroundings in over 3 seconds.(8.5 seconds)
  • R(Demorph)=Morph back into his normal body.



Combination:Fire,Wind,Fire (range)

  • Passive=everytime she uses skills she heal 70 (+ 30% AP) heal in over 3 seconds and also heals nearby allies in over 3 seconds. range 350 units.
  • Q (Nature Breath)= Releases nature energy to the target cone dealing 100 (+ 40% AP) magic damage. 650 units. (3 seconds)
  • W (Virgin Voice)= Sings melancholy, which heal allies nearby and damages on enemy nearby. It will deal 210 (+ 65% AP) magic damage or heal. Allies gain 15% defenses while enemy looses 15% of thier defenses for 3 seconds. range=500 units.(8 seconds)
  • E (Ecological energy)= Toogle: Creates an aura of nature, which deal 170 (+ 60% AP) magic damage per second. Allies inside of aura will gain 14% of thier bonus AD and AP. Drains 65 mana per second. (1 second)
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.


Piercing Arrow

Combination:Water,Fire,Water (range) (600 units)

  • Passive=His basic attack deal 15% of his AP as additional true damage.
  • Q (Horse Fleet)= He gain bonus movement speed and attack speed by 25% and increases up to 75% in over 5 seconds. After activation, his next attack will also apply triple effect of its passive. (7 seconds)
  • W (Wild Shot)=Passive: After pausing attack for 3 seconds, he gain 45 (+ 12% AP) additional magic damage in his basic attack per 3 seconds. This effect will stack for up to 10 times, max damage 400 (+ 120% AP) magic damage in over 30 seconds of pausing attack.
  • E (Stellar Shot)= Marks the area in any map, after 1.4 seconds delay, a stellar arrow falls from the sky. Which deal 320 (+ 100% AP) magic damage. Damage will increase by 25% based on the target missing health.(18 seconds)
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.


Equilibrium Strike

Combination:Wind,Fire,Wind (range)

  • Passive=His abillities mark the unit for 3 seconds. This mark applies damage based on how many Libra takes damage. Returns 27% of damage taken by libra to the marked unit.
  • Q (Equality Mark)= Throws a magic power to the target unit, it will deal 240 (+ 70% AP) magic damage. Then applies passive which is double the effect that last for 6 seconds. (8 seconds)
  • W (Balance Force)=Throws a magic shackle in the target lane, on impact it will deal 200 (+ 50% AP) after 3 seconds it will shackle will explode and deal same amount of damage. Shackle will break if it extends 650 unit & above between Libra and target. Additionally on explosion It will deal additional of 8% of thier max health as magic damage and heal him for same damage. Target afflicted by shackle will also be slowed for 30% of thier movement speed. (11 seconds)
  • E (Unbalanced Motion)=Cast an Unbalanced magic in the target area (range=170 unit radius). on cast it will deal 220 (+ 70% AP) magic damage and applies unbalanced motion to the target champion. This Unbalanced Motion makes target confuses about thier mobility. Example: summoner commands his champion to move forward but champion will move backward because of confusion.Or simply his champion move opposite direction to summoners target direction.(hard to explain) It will last for 3.5 seconds. (12 seconds).
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.



Combination:Water,Wind,Water (range)

  • Passive=He gain +45 bonus AP and 12% magic penetration.
  • Q (Mages Barrier)= Aries creates a barrier of Solar. While active anyone tries to use basic attack to aries or damage him, barrier will explode dealing 300 (+ 60% of taken damageas magic damage) (+ 110% AP) magic damage in his area and deal return damage to the range attacker. range=300 units surroundings. Barrier will last for 5 seconds or activated again for explosion.(8 seconds)
  • W (Fallen Lights)=Falls a shiny ball to the target area, it will deal 260 (+ 80% AP) magic damage after 0.9 second delay. unit damaged will also be blinded for 2 seconds.(8 seconds)
  • E (Influx)=Releases starlight energy in a cone which deal 240 (+ 75% AP)magic damage, unit will also be slowed for 40% of thier movement speed for 4 seconds. (10 seconds).
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.


Thrill of the Hunt

Combination:Wind,Water,Wind (melee)

  • Passive=Gain 25% of his maximum health and 20% attack speed and movement speed.
  • Q (Gnaw)=Bites the target unit which deal basic attack plus 210 (+ 70% AP) magic damage. Target unit will also apply mark for 5 seconds. This mark give Leo +60 bonus AD and 20% bonus movement speed toward the marked unit. range 210 unit radius. (5 seconds)
  • W (Leap)=Leaps to a great distance in the target lane. Deals 240 (+ 90% AP)magic damage in every unit it encounter. Looses 1 second cooldown per basic attack.(15 seconds)
  • E (Pride Roar)=Roar in his position dealing magic damage in his position. He will deal 200 (+ 80% AP) plus 10% of targets missing health as magic damage. Unit having full health on cast will apply fear for 0.75 seconds including champions. (12 seconds).
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.



Combination:Wind,Fire,Water (melee)

  • Passive=His basic attack applies Venom which deal 160 (+ 62% AP) magic damage in over 4 seconds.
  • Q (Tail Venom)=His next basic attack will use his tail. Next attack will gain 100 (+ 40% AP) addtional magic damage then applies slow to the target by 40% in over 1.25 seconds. After slowing target he will be stunned for 1 second.(7 seconds)
  • W (Viral Scatter)=Passive: In every third basic attack he inflicts nearby unit with its passive. Active: Explode all Venom (passive) applied to the target. It will deal 300 (+ 85% AP)magic damage but it removes passive to target.(8.5 seconds)
  • E (Ultra Venom)=Spits venom from its tail to the target unit it will deal 240 (+ 60% AP) magic damage on impact and doubles the effect of its passive. (10 seconds).
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.


Soul Shackles

Combination:Water,Fire,Wind (melee)

  • Passive=While in a bush he gain 20% bonus defenses and he will deal 20% more damages while in a bush.
  • Q (Wild movers)=On activation he become stealth for 8 seconds after 1.7 seconds delay, Instantly stealth on the cast in the bush. After leaving in the stealth next ability will gain 100 (+ 40% AP)additional magic damage.(10 seconds)
  • W (Vine of Deception)= Passive: On activation, He summons vine in the area of bush where he stays. Active: Summons a vine runners in the target lane it will deal 240 (+ 65% AP) magic damage and roots damaged unit for 2 seconds.(8 seconds)
  • E (Seed of Temptation)=Throws a seed to the target unit which deal 200 (+ 55% AP)magic damage on impact and applies vision to the target for 4 seconds. If marked target hit by Vine of Deception seed will grow and summon plant siphoner. Plant Siphoner will deal 80 (+ 20% AP)magic damage per second in over 5 seconds. Then 40% of the damage will heal capricorn.(10 seconds).
  • R (Demorph)= morph back into its normal body.


Chum the Waters

Combination: Fire,Water,Wind (melee)

  • Passive=He avoid unit collision. Everytime he uses skills he gain 60 bonus movement speed and 60% attack speed in over 4 seconds, or attack speed last for 4 attacks.
  • Q(Terra Dive)=Dives in the ground making him untargetable but not immune for area damages for over 4 seconds. After 4 seconds he leaves the land in the present position or he can activate it again before 4 seconds in the target area. It will deal 220 (+ 65% AP) (+ 75% bonus AD)magic damage in the area.(8 seconds)
  • W(School Charge)=summons a school of fishes swimming in the target AOE lane. It will deal 240(+ 77% AP) magic damage in every unit it encounter. Then applies 50% Movement speed slow in over 2.5 seconds.(6 seconds)
  • E(Tidal Stream)=Passive: His basic attack gain (+ 50% of his bonus AD) as additional physical damage for 3 attacks in every use of his skills. Active: Dashes to the target lane it will deal 195 (+65% AP)(+ 90% bonus AD) physical damage in every unit it encounter.(5 seconds)
  • R(Demorph)=Morph back into his normal body.