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  • Rakanishu2199

    Hey everyone,

    Well the title pretty much says all about it. There are particular situations where you would like your Sunfire Cape to not deal AoE damage:

    - trying to freeze your lane? Nope huehue...

    - managing turret aggro while diving opponents? I dont think so sir!

    - trying to unward the baron pit? Ahah of course not!

    - etc

    So how about a toggle on Sunfire Cape just as it is on Muramana for instance? Nice idea or really dumb because xxx and yyy?

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  • Rakanishu2199

    Hi everyone,

    My summoner name is DeckardCain (EUW server), I am currently a Silver 1 player in the League. I have been playing the game for around 20 months now, mainly with friends at first and started playing ranked games more recently (only a month ago). The reason for this is that I knew about that 'Elo Hell' thing so I preferred starting playing ranked games only after reaching a decent level (better play normal games than ranked ones where 80% of the guys have no idea what to do and how to play).

    Anyway, after 50 ranked games I am now in Silver 1 division which seems to be pretty much my 'real' level. My main role is Jungler but I am training ADC and Support as well. I usually do not play solo lanes (there is always someone ready to pl…

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  • Rakanishu2199

    Hi peeps,

    That is something I had laready posted but right after it, LOL Replay went full bug mode so it could not happen as expected. Now that LOL Replay works again, I repost it to know if people are still interested in helping me improve.

    Update : I play on EUW but anyone can review the games. Account name DeckardCain if you wanna check the current status.


    I most likely do not play any mid/top lane. The replays are in spectator mode so it is convenient to go faster/slower, see whole stats etc.

    Update : so I created a website so people can access the replays cause the LOLReplay upload service seems to be fucked up. The idea behind this is to allow people to post on it to keep track of the reviews be…

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  • Rakanishu2199

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently trying to improve my level of play by watching my matches and finding the biggest mistakes/ways to improve to become a better player. I've discovered that I find much more fun in playing when games have a good level of play ; that is mainly why I want to become better in fact.

    I'm not playing ranked games at the moment (people get mad about ranking) but normal draft games. I'm playing as a jungler in most of my games and this is my prefered role. I dont like being stuck in the lane and I feel that, despite having less resources, the jungler can (and should if played properly) have a great impact on the game.

    However, finding my own mistakes can be a bit hard and I would like people to watch my games and give me thei…

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  • Rakanishu2199

    Hello everyone,

    The title is quite explicit : in a generic 'meta' game, which team has the best win rate, all other factors apart - blue one or purple (red) one ? Since it's not absolutely the same to play in the lower or upper part of the map, I'm quite sure there is a noticeable difference.

    Does anyone have stats about it / way to check if possible ? What's your opinion about it or personal experience ?

    Thanks again for the help.

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