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    [Posted on NA GD[1]]

    DISCLAIMER: This rework is still a WIP- nothing is finalized and certain aspects are subject to change. I'm posting this largely to garner feedback and encourage proper discussion of Nidalee as a champion.

    My primary goal with this rework is to adjust Nidalee's mechanics such that she is a much more engaging champion to play as, with, and against.

    All numbers are, for the most part, placeholders- they exist merely to give a ballpark estimate of the stats and do not fully reflect what I would expect live values to be should a rework like this be implemented.

    Without further ado, the actual rework:

    |date = December 17, 2009

    |health = 40

    |attack = 60

    |spells = 70

    |difficulty = 80

    |hp = 370 (+90)


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