Come one come all! This is me again bringing you another one of those proposed champions, this time featuring Slender, the Pale Asssassin! Many of you might have heard of Slender Man, the malignant entity who enjoys stalking people. And if you really like him, then you might like this champion concept which I based on Slender Man!

No copyright infringement intended, all credits goes to the one who first introduced Slenderman to the world.

For this time, I won't be adding numbers yet since it's only a concept. But if many people will have fun with it, I'll try to add numbers. I am open to suggestions, and this concept if only for fun. FOR FUN.


Slender is a melee assassin who utilizes spell combos and invisibility in order to successfully assassinate a given enemy.


Passive (Innate): Into the Woods - Whenever Slender is near trees, he gains 25% increased movement speed. Additionally, if he receives no harm for the next 3 seconds, while near tress, he fades into invisibility which increases the effectiveness of the next ability cast. Receiving damage, being near oracles, vision wards, being directly on top of enemies, attacking or casting an ability breaks invisibility.

1st Ability (Q): Startle - Slender releases a startling sound in a cone which deals 70/100/130/160/190 (+1.0 per AD) physical damage to enemies hit, and slows their movement speed by 15% for 1 second. If cast while stealthed, enemies are feared instead of being slowed.

2nd Ability (W): Static - Slender passively releases static near him, causing nearby champions' magic resistance and armor to be reduced by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%.

Upon activation, Slender's next attack will cause 50% increased physical damage, and doubles the resistance debuff. Additionally, if Slender uses this ability while stealthed, the enemy struck is also blinded.

3rd Ability (E): Stalk - When behind an enemy, Slender passively racks up movement speed per second up to 15%. If the enemy faces Slender, the movment speed buff is removed.

When activated, Slender instantly teleports behind his target, dealing 100/120/140/160/180 (+ 0.5 AD) physical damage to his target. Additionally, if he casts it from stealth, his target is forced to face his way and is rooted for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Ultimate (R): Lost Pages - Slender passively stores up to 8 pages, per 12/10/8 seconds. Upon casting, Slender fires a page in a linear manner, with the page attaching itself to the first enemy champion it hits. If hit, the enemy receives mark and a debuff which allows Slender to see that champion. Slender's Startle deals 15% increased damage, Stalk's movement speed buff is doubled, and Static's resistance reduction is tripled. If Slender damages the enemy with a mark, he consumes the mark, which deals 60/90/120 (+ 0.9 AD) magic damage. The mark lasts for 5 seconds while the debuff last for 3 seconds.

Here he is. Tell me what you guys think!