Phopyrion was once the proud and arrogant king of the Giants. He and his clans lived in Eastern Europe. One day he woke up to find that the room he slept in, which was still pretty big in Giants' standards, was demolished from floor to roof. The Giants' told him that they heared rumbling noises at midnight, and came to find him sleeping, and everything around him Burning. Since then, Phopyrion was feared from his brethen. He left the village the next day, and went off to train so he can control his strange powers.

One year later, the Giants were shocked to see Phopyrion standing at the huge village gate. He said he had control over his powers now. He took a long time to show them how he did it. What annoyed him the most wasn't that they didn't believe him in first, but that they put another King in his place. Again, he left the village, this time of anger, not for the safety of his people.

Phopyrion's powers went of the scale when he got very angry or very sad, so he went to the volcano, which was not very far from the village but far enough, and made an armour suit from the rocks that was made from the lava that the volcano poured. The next day, he took of and walked until he found an old man, who seemed to be gentle and wise. For his suprise, the man didn't get afraid from Phopyrion when he saw him, but he was shocked when Phopyrion's strange powers. He told Phophyrion's that his powers were the most magnificent yet. The old man introduced himself as Hammrer, trainer of the wanderers, and then took him to his home. He then trained him and made him develop his powers even more. Few months later, he took Phopyrion to his brother, who's home was made for people that had special powers like Phopyrion, and introduced him. Hammrer's brother, Devlin, accepted Phopyrion in his place, but told him that he shouldn't get angry or mad, or his powers would go off again.