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  • Rapacious

    Greetings, derps and derpettes, today I'm gonna school you on how to build your ranged AD carry without having the world believe you're retarded. There's a TL;DR at the end in case you want to skip the reasoning and arguments and just want to learn how to build directly.
    Things to avoid building first

    - first. If you build this first on an AD carry, you either just started playing a MOBA for the first time in your life, or you're in need of the angry god's fist of salvation. PD is an item that supports your damage, so for it to have any use, you need to build AD first. This concept should be easy enough to understand, but the number of people who don't get it and buy this item so that they can eat shit faster is astounding.

    - . Are you serio…

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  • Rapacious

    I believe that before telling you why I started playing League of Legends, and what kept me around for so long.

    My presence in this game is actually something unnatural if you consider my gaming experience: I usually finish playing a game, then start on a new one, and I almost never play that game again. You see, for me, games are like books. Once I have thoroughly enjoyed the story, I close the book and put it back on the shelf. League of Legends was Entirely different.

    It all started from Warcraft 3, and a custom map for that game. Haha, i think many assume it was Dota. Truth be told, I never saw the Dota map until I already had played LoL for 5 months.

    It was a map where up to 4 players could pick from 8 champs to finish a hack-n-slash map…

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  • Rapacious

    So today I'm playing again, and one of the team members seemed to be unhappy with the team composition (, , , and a friend of mine was playing and said we were gonna lose. I say quickly that the only problem about this is the tank. is not a tank, in no way shape or form. Dealing damage while being able to take it is not tanking. It belongs to the offtanks. Tanks protect team mates, initiate, and try to stay alive when focused. That's fact.

    The chaos begins when i see that we're made to play on the NA servers. I hate this, Riot, please limit the games on the EU servers if you can't upgrade them. Skill shot champions simply get screwed when having to aim. This, though i usually manage, makes me have a bad game in mid, because i'm playing …

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  • Rapacious

    To break of from the normal Champion Select Issues, I present to you the "I feel like strangling my service provider with a bratwurst" issue. I usually get this issue when the world is sweetest, i just drew first blood while teaching girls all about Bangkok behind the monitor. Suddenly, everybody stops moving, and while you're trying to figure out if they're trying to assess wether the sun fell into the rift river, you come accross the startling conclusion that your internet connection died faster than John McCain's erection when he found out Obama won.

    Well this is just the intermission, my issue is not with the quaint, good-willing, yet somehow distraught man who feels the need to shove sharp objects down his ISP's neck.

    You try hard to ge…

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  • Rapacious

    I think man follows herd behaviour a little to well, and is a bit ignorant to actual facts. He finds it much easier to simply agree with the status quo, instead of actually forming his own opinion and doing a bit of research, and this ignorance, albeit dangerous, is a lot more comfortable than actually allowing yourself to change your mind.

    How is this relevant to our favourite MOBA game? Well, There's something known as a tier list, made by a certain US player called Elementz. Not that I have a bone with the guy, i think he's awesome and apreciate his insight alot. My problem is with the people that follow him and his quotes religiously, and we all know dogma is bad, m'kay?

    I think Elementz clearly states that his tier list is merely his pe…

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