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Guide to how not to be an asshole in LoL Part 1

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To commemorate my first of many (maybe) blog posts, I'd like to discuss current LoL events. This may be a problem only on the EU servers, but It has come to my attention that it's on the american servers as well. The issue:


I've come across many games lately, where after I pick the dps/nuke, someone positioned below in team list picks another champ that fits the same role, and insta-locks, making me wish there was a kick function in the game, and simply ruins the team that's already been picked.

You may ask yourself why I complain about this since it's always been an issue. While this may be true, lately it's been even more of an issue than ever. I've literally had 5 games in a row where i had to change my pick at the last minute just to have a tank in the team. 2 times I've found myself switching from being the only ranged dps to a tank. One match I found myself in a team of 2 dps (Eve and Ezreal) and 3 ap nukes (Anivia, fiddle, and kog-maw). At that point I simply was fed up with picking tank every damn time because 2 people just have to instalock 2 ap nukes, and i went with my usual pick. The enemy team had a solid pick, but sent Amumu to lane...

A second issue that is somehow related is that all the people who pick squishy carries would rather die than get a survivability item. I advise several times that picking up mercury+banshee+hexdrinker/abyssal scepter would help them not die every single time an enemy appears in late game.

Conclusion: To not be an asshole in league of legends, you should:

  • Pick a tank if you are the last one to pick and no other competent tanker is selected. If you don't know how to play a tank you should learn fast.
  • Don't think that being the carry means that you've got to stack up only on squishy ad/ap items. The current metagame revolves around being offtanky, so grabbing an item that makes you more resilient while not sacrificing damage output is a really good idea!

Thanks for listening, and happy gaming.

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