A.K.A. The Epic Internet Connexion Of Death

To break of from the normal Champion Select Issues, I present to you the "I feel like strangling my service provider with a bratwurst" issue. I usually get this issue when the world is sweetest, i just drew first blood while teaching girls all about Bangkok behind the monitor. Suddenly, everybody stops moving, and while you're trying to figure out if they're trying to assess wether the sun fell into the rift river, you come accross the startling conclusion that your internet connection died faster than John McCain's erection when he found out Obama won.

Well this is just the intermission, my issue is not with the quaint, good-willing, yet somehow distraught man who feels the need to shove sharp objects down his ISP's neck.

You try hard to get your connection back online, so that you don't lose just because you're one man down, thinking why someone would twist your internet hose at this time of need (We all take this game incredibly seriously). You're doing the best you can, you're ok. It's not your fault the provider can't provide a decent service. Just stay away from ranked and we're good.

The problem is you, that guy on the team that asks everybody to report the poor guy who got DC'd.

Half the time, you can't tell wether a player has actually rage quitted or not, unless he's being an asshole (incoming guide in the next issues), and a quit shortly follows. Remember this well: At one point, you were that guy. You did have that problem as well. Shit happens, maybe it's a power off, etc. It doesn't hurt if you keep trying (Contrary to popular belief, losing games where you try hard increases your skill alot more than winning all the time, which actually dulls your senses.), maybe he'll come back in the end, or if not, it's ok, just play one more.

Just DON'T get people banned over this. Just don't. It's stupid, it's something that happens to the best of us. And don't give me that wasting time argument. Wether winning or losing, YOU'RE STILL GODDAMN WASTING YOUR TIME. Winning just makes you feel better about yourself. Remember that you play because it's fun, and while winning is a goal, remember that out of 10 players, only 5 can be winners, and sometimes you're not in that bracket.

So leave that anger for the guy who disconnected behind, and focus on enjoying yourself.