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Pink Ward?

Rases December 15, 2013 User blog:Rases

Hi guys, I want to listen your opinion about this ward. This is my first blog, so try to help me xD

In low elo, this item is almost un-seenable, but everyone is crying about Rengo/Shaco/Twich/Teemo/Evelin OP invisibility. In medium/high elo, u could see like 1 (2-3 if highest elo) pink on the entire map, based on which champs are in the rift.

So that is my personal rework on this item, just to let this item comeback also in low elo.

Ward HP 3 instead of 5.

Still invisible.

Range: i think that 2000 could be good, considering its use.

Now reveal ONLY other invisible units, not the area where this item is set.

Cost increase to 120 g from actual 100g.

So, this ward reveal only other wards (stealth & pink), teemo's shrooms, evelin's passive, twich/shaco's q, rengo's r.

But only in place where u have vision, that could be granted by minions, champs, stealth wards, blu trinket.

What is your opinion about? Let me know ^^

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