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    Aurealis, Priestess of Elrath

    White hooded robe, white staff, rides a Pegasus. Yeah, very Gandalf. What can I say? I was bored. There's probably a rich backstory somewhere, but since it's not a real champ, both you and I can't be bothered with that. Nevertheless, speculate and suggest ways to balance her.

    • Health: 340 (+72)
    • Health Regen: 4.5 (+0.6)
    • Mana: 300 (+55)
    • Mana Regen: 6.0 (+0.8)
    • Range: 550
    • Attack Damage: 55 (+3.5)
    • Attack Speed: 0.55 (+1%)
    • Armor: 10 (+3)
    • Magic Res: 30
    • Movement Speed: 350

    Passive: Release

    Upon death, Aurealis explodes in a concussive burst of light, and all enemy champions within a 3000 radius receive a white screen which slowly decays over the course of 2.5 seconds (+0.5 seconds for every 100 AP). (Think nocturne’s …

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