I understand that bot games are meant for trying new strategies. But some people want to play a game seriously. So to the people who use 'it's just a bot game' as an excuse to killsteal, refuse any communication, pick a 4th AD carry, go 0 top / 3 min / 2 bot, I have this to say:

Go fuck a landmine.

EDIT: The following are not valid reasons to be an asshole in bot games, and the above statement applies especially to anyone using these arguments in the comments:

  • Bots are easy - walking is easy, but you can't be an asshole to everyone you encounter.
  • You don't need to use matchmaking - matchmaking is there for a reason, and that reason is not to let you be an asshole; the opposite
  • Just play with bot teammates - I suggest the people who can't behave go do that, instead of those who want to have a serious game
  • You can't take bot games serious - who are you to tell everyone what they can take serious?