• Ravica

    Beleth, Claw of the Void

    August 29, 2012 by Ravica

    Henk, Claw of the Void

    Henk has a dark, humanoid demonlike appearance, has wings and is rather broad and large. He is a being native to the Void that is not wild like e.g. but is a rather intelligent luitenant.

    Passive - : Negative effects applied on enemy champions within 300 range from Henk last 10% longer

    skill Q - Touch of the Void: Single target skillshot that deals high magic damage over time for 2 seconds. The countdown for this effect does not decrease while the target remains within 300 range from Henk, to a maximum of 10s. If the debuff has not expired after 10s, it is consumed to stun the target for 1.0s and deal medium magic damage to all nearby enemies. Henk does additional damage to affected targets. Skillshot range and speed ar…

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  • Ravica

    Health vs armor

    January 27, 2012 by Ravica

    When buying survivability items, one has a choice between armor+MR or health to determine which offers most survivability for your gold (there's also special effects like Zhonya's Hourglass).

    If you do not care how this was calculated, scroll down to conclusions.

    A fixed value is assigned to each stat based on tier 1 items (a practise you'll probably be familiar with).

    • Ruby Crystal: 2,4 gold/health
    • Cloth Armor: 16,7 gold/armor
    • Null-Magic Mantle: 16,7 gold/MR

    Survivability is expressed in how many hits a champion can survive. A hit does 1/(1+armor/100) percent of the original damage (the same applies to magic damage). This means a champion with 100 armor and 2000 HP would die after 4000 physical damage: 2000/(1/(1+armor/100)) = 2000*(1+armor/100)…

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