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    Eurya, The Claw of the Grave is an Assassin in League of Legends.

    Eurya Can only Autoattack Towers, and she take 150% Damage while CC'd (Excludes Taunts, Slows, Silences, Fears). The duration of all non-targeted CC is also increased by 20% unless blocked by Linear Eurya's attacks apply the "Cursed" debuff to enemies. Attacks against a cursed target will consume curse to deal 5(10level)
    “Durability” is Eurya's Secondary resource, and is equal to 100(50level110%Crit Chance)

    Durability regenerates at a pace of (10 + 100% Crit Chance) per Second

    |targeting = single target |spellshield = |onhiteffects = |spelleffects = single target |damagetype = physical |additional = Damage from "Cursed" is counted as part of the Attack that procs…

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