• Realasi

    Esmer is a champion who will never, ever be in the League of Legends, and was definitely not written for a competition.


    Esmer fires a burst of magic in a direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and slowing their movement speed for 3 seconds.

    Basic attacks from any champion on the slowed target restore 3% of Esmer's maximum mana. Can occur up to 3 times on one target. |leveling =


    |cost = 60 |costtype = mana |cooldown = |range = 500 }} | Esmer fires a burst of magic that overloads the first target hit, stunning them for 1 second and dealing magic damage. When the stun wears off the target will detonate, dealing magic damage to enemies around them. Esmer restores 3% of her maximum mana for every champion hit by the explosion.…

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  • Realasi

    Florre, the Fanged Night is definitely a champion in League of Legends if you believe hard enough.

    Florre sinks her fangs into the target, dealing physical damage and healing herself for 50% of the damage done.

    |description2 = If Florre has 50 or more Bloodlust she consumes 50 Bloodlust to deal the damage of Vampire's Kiss in an area around the target. Florre is healed for only 10% of the area damage.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |range = 150 }}

    Florre's abilities apply a percentage of her lifesteal.

    |description2 = Florre is consumed with hunger, increasing her attack speed for 3 seconds and increasing her Bloodlust generated. |leveling =  % |leveling2=  % |cooldown = |range = }}

    Florre takes to the sky for up to 4 seconds, increasing h…
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