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  • I live in Rumia
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Grafiką i forum FT
  • I am Kobieta, no ;_;
  • Reapq

    Nabu, the Sister of Nature

    November 13, 2012 by Reapq

    Okay. So here comes my idea for champion.

    Nabu, the Sister of Nature.

    Note that when I was creating her I was playing mainly Ahri and Riven. This is why she's fox and she is bound to Noxus.

    Innate Ingratiate

    Version 1: When Nabu enters the brushes, she becomes invisible for next 3 seconds. If she stays in the same brushes after effect is down, she has to wait next 30 seconds before entering this state again. She can move in them.

    Version 2: When Nabu enters the brushes, she becomes invisible for 3 seconds. Effect cannot be restored when she stays in them.

    Notes: This is like Akali's Twillight Shroud but in brush. Can be spotted by Pink Ward (in brushes).




    Version 1: 30 seconds

    Version 2: none

    Q Allure

    Nabu rubs an enemy and de…

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