Okay. So here comes my idea for champion.

Nabu, the Sister of Nature.

Note that when I was creating her I was playing mainly Ahri and Riven. This is why she's fox and she is bound to Noxus.

Innate Ingratiate

Version 1: When Nabu enters the brushes, she becomes invisible for next 3 seconds. If she stays in the same brushes after effect is down, she has to wait next 30 seconds before entering this state again. She can move in them.

Version 2: When Nabu enters the brushes, she becomes invisible for 3 seconds. Effect cannot be restored when she stays in them.

Notes: This is like Akali's Twillight Shroud but in brush. Can be spotted by Pink Ward (in brushes).




Version 1: 30 seconds

Version 2: none

Q Allure

Nabu rubs an enemy and deals 100/180/240/300/380 (+50% AD) psychical damage. If enemy champion hit by this ability has less than 40% HP, her movement speed is incerased by 20% for 3 seconds.

Notes: None


30/40/50/60/70 mana


20/15/13/10/8 seconds

W Graceful Moves

Nabu jumps on enemy's head and blinds him for 1,5 seconds and in the same time she can't be affected by anything. After this time she's jumping off and attacks him for 50/100/140/220/280 psychical damage (40% AP / 60% AD).

Notes: Similiar to Fizz's Trickster.


50/60/80/90/100 mana


15/13/12/10/8 seconds

E Mischief

Nabu strikes enemy once dealing 50/150/180/200/250 magic* damage (+50% AD / +50% AP) and steals 20/30/35/40/50* mana from enemy.

Notes: Cannot be applied to minions.


10/15/20/25/30 mana


20/18/15/13/10 seconds

R Imprisonment

Nabu blocks one choosen enemy for 1,5/2/3 seconds and immediately deals him 150/200/270 magic (+40% AP) damage and prevents him from any action.

Notes: Applies suppresion to enemy (can be removed by Cleanse or Quicksilver)


100/150/200 mana


70/80/100 seconds

~ * - not sure if this should be like this. Feel free to critique those points.

Ranges not set!

Health 422 (+95)
Health Regen 6.4 (+0,6)
Mana 249 (+35)
Mana regen 7.2 (+0,4)
Range 125
Attack Damage 58,6 (+3,1)
Attack Speed 0,659 (+1,7%)
Armor 15 (+3,8)
Magic Resist 21 (+1.0)
Movement Speed 310

If you have any suggestions to change those stats, feel free to write.

Attributes: Fighter, Meele

Hmm... Where could she go? Solo top or jungle? But she has abilities that fits somewhat more for Solo. Jungle would be hard, because her E can't be used vs. minions and W would reset them.


I thought about her abilities much before Evelynn and Twitch's remake. Now you can think that I copied her Q from someone. I wanted to make her unique... But I know, I know. Teemo may hide but only if he's static. Her passive is like W from Akali with the difference: She may use this only in brushes.

I'm opened to your critique. This is my very first idea for champion, I want to show you my point of view for her. You can tell me what to change, suggest some balance and different skills. When I will be able and this idea will get good opinions, I will put here some of her lore and images.

Art, quotes, lore


Will be added when I will re-do this. Huh, I wrote it before I have read about Ionian Trial of the Isle, so now I have little problems.


Upon selection "Hey, I'm bored! Give me some fun!"

Movement/Attacking "Why is that boring?"
"Don't be angry on me!"
"I want something funny!"
"Don't underestimate me!"
"Hey, I heard this! You don't need to tell this again!"

Taunt "Do this better, because I can't help yawning!"
"You won't catch me!"

Joke "I'm not that stupid! Oh, something shiny! *tries to catch*"
"Hey, don't think that I will get catched on this. Or... *tries to catch*"

Easter egg quote

Appears randomly upon stepping on Teemo's mushroom:

"Do this once more... And I will get you, little mouse!"
"You are more annoying than me!"


Just click the link ^^" Big file.


So feel free to comment and to help me with this : )

Greetings, Reapq / Shizen no Imouto