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  • RedAceOfSpade

    Pteron, Crystal Wing of Kalamanda

    • kinda looks like skarner, he’s race is the same as skarner, a Brackern. But instead of being a scorpion, maybe a gigantic cicada or hercules beetle? I want his right claw be bigger than his left :3

    Health: 620 (+82)

    Health Regen: 8.2 (+1.1)

    Mana: 240 (+42)

    Mana Regen: 5.2 (+0.4)

    Range: 125

    Atk Damage: 72 (+2)

    Atk Spd: 0.634 (+1.8%)

    Armor: 14(+0.9)

    Magic res.: 27

    Movespeed: 316

    Innate: “Strong Right” Pteron having a large right claw, he can block a certain amount of damage being dealt infront of him. If Pteron blocks a total damage equivalent to 5% of his max health, he gets 15% bonus movespeed, +20dmg and +0.3% health regen for 8 seconds. The first blow that Pteron makes after having this buffs, deals damage in a cl…

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  • RedAceOfSpade

    Stryde, The nomad’s guidance

    Stryde could look like Xerath, but no armor and insteade of arcane matter, he could be made of sand, or maybe a thick mist? I dunno, i have not really thought of his avatar yet. Any comments would be much obliged J i seriously dont have a story for this champ yet, any suggestions? :D

    • i was hoping to create a hero with no synergy within his own skills, but to try and challenge players to synergize this champion to other champion. i have tried to balance the stats and skills, but i feel im still lacking alot of technicalities.
    • mage, support :)

    Health: 477 (+47)

    Health regen: 4.7 (+0.9)

    Mana: 270 (+65)

    Mana regen: 7.0 (+0.5)

    Range: 625

    Atk Dmg. : 52 (+1.6)

    Atk Spd: 0.622 (1.3%)

    Armor: 10 (+2.1)

    Magic res. : 24 (+0.5)

    Move speed:…

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