Pteron, Crystal Wing of Kalamanda

  • kinda looks like skarner, he’s race is the same as skarner, a Brackern. But instead of being a scorpion, maybe a gigantic cicada or hercules beetle? I want his right claw be bigger than his left :3

Health: 620 (+82)

Health Regen: 8.2 (+1.1)

Mana: 240 (+42)

Mana Regen: 5.2 (+0.4)

Range: 125

Atk Damage: 72 (+2)

Atk Spd: 0.634 (+1.8%)

Armor: 14(+0.9)

Magic res.: 27

Movespeed: 316

Innate: “Strong Right” Pteron having a large right claw, he can block a certain amount of damage being dealt infront of him. If Pteron blocks a total damage equivalent to 5% of his max health, he gets 15% bonus movespeed, +20dmg and +0.3% health regen for 8 seconds. The first blow that Pteron makes after having this buffs, deals damage in a cleave, hitting a max of 3 targets.

Crystalline Reach: (active, 10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown, mana:60 ) sweeps all enemies around a 300 radius, gathers them infront of Pteron in point blank range. If Pteron hits an enemy champion, reveals him/her for 4 seconds. Does 80/100/130/150/190dmg (0.8 AD ratio)

Snip and Snap!: (active, 5 second cooldown, mana: 65:30) targets an enemy champion, deals 90/120/150/180/210dmg (0.6 AD scaling), reactivating the ability will launch his giant right claw to the target champion, dealing 30/50/80/105/130 magic dmg (0.4 AP scaling) pinning him down for 1.5 seconds. Pinning down a champion does not stop channeling spells.

  • i think this is both a utility and a damage source. Too much? :/

Crystalline Swarm: (passive) when Pteron stands still for 3 seconds, a small crystalline bug will emerge anywhere around 100 radius of Pteron. The bug will fly around Pteron, and the first unit Pteron collides with will be inflicted with Blind for 2.75 seconds.

(active, 18 sec cooldown, mana: 100) targets a 500 raduis, any unit that Pteron hits inside the swarm of bugs, will be knocked back by a range of 30. Each unit can only be knocked back 2 times .

Six Wings of Kalamanda: (active, 50 sec cooldown, no cost) Pteron sprouts six crystal wings, giving him the gift of flight, giving him 75% additional movespeed, also granting him 15% atkspd, and adds +1% more per second. for 30 seconds. Every 5 passing second, a wing will explode to shards, dealing 50/60/75 magic dmg (0.8 AP ratio).

  • i wish he would yell out “I shall rise, and you shall fall!” after casting this hahaha.

-so i got bored in my class and thought of this guy. Rate, comment, and let me revise XD