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  • Reilock

    Retiring Dominion: Thoughts

    February 11, 2016 by Reilock

    Hello everyone,

    If you don't know, they've announced that they'll retire Dominion . They wrote that there are small fraction of players playing the mode, not enough to sustain it, and that the map is imbalanced, well, not balanced enough to satify them. According to them, "When it comes to the resources required to keep Dominion permanent solve the inherent design problems give it ongoing live balance support, we’ve consistently devoted them to Summoner’s Rift and related features because we felt they’d improve the overall League experience more." They'll disable the mode at 22.02.2016

    Where to start?

    First of all, there are small number of players playing it. Why? Well, since it got released, there is no ranked mode. None. At least ARAM is r…

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  • Reilock

    Riots new Lore Direction: Rant

    September 23, 2014 by Reilock

    WARNING: I originally wanted to write this and post it two weeks ago, but due to my studies and lack of free time, I could't, so here we are now. 

    Also, keep in mind that this is my opinion on the Riot's new Lore direction. This is my personal opinion on this matter. If you like the direction, fine, good for you. I'll try my best to explain why I don't like the new direction. If you're a player who isn't interested in League's Lore, this blog isn't for you.

    With all that written, let's start this. I.Hate.This.New.Direction.

    Two weeks ago, Riot announce that they are entirely rewoking lore, in order for new ideas and new places to discover. They also said the the old story was limiting their options to write new stories and the "League itself …

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  • Reilock

    Dobrodosli svi, since holidays are coming (1st of May) and since I haven't planned anything for it, I've decided to write about champion intro quotes... in Serbian. Why? Because we all need to know other languages other than English. I'll write in order, except , since his quote wasn't revealed yet. So, let's begin:

    Warning: I'll try my best for avoid grammar mistakes. I'm not a professional at writing & translating. It's a sort of a rough translation. You're been warned.

    •  : Ova bitka ce biti moje savršenstvo!
    •  : Zar mi ne veruješ?
    •  : Kako Balans diktira.
    •  : Nista me neće zaustaviti!
    •  : Mislio sam da me nećes izabrati...
    •  : Na moja krila.
    •  : Zeliš da se igraš? Bice zabavno!
    •  : Ceo svet na jednoj streli.
    •  : Upaljen i spreman da radi(služi)!
    •  : Jesi li …
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  • Reilock

    Hello everyone,

    Let me start by writing this: I love League. I love & respect Riot for creating League where I can relax and have fun. But League has problems. Lots of problems. The aren't just technological issues where it can be patched in the seconds. It is in the core that, unfortunately, will stay for some time. So let's get started:

    • Servers are Down: This is the problem that, now, greatly affects EU-West servers. I know that other servers are can be down at times (low Fps, etc), but EU-West became a joke of not being fixed for nearly a year. A year!  Anyone who remembers the old Europe server, it was fixed into separating into servers EU-West and EU-East (also we were given free Riot Points at the time, for servers being down). I hope t…

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  • Reilock

    It'a time for new year again. Bartenter, Vinjak please !

    Well it's been a fun year...  New mechanics and some new modes are great, champions are interesting and stand solid. Season 3 was great, and the Pre-season 4 is going solid for now. But...

    History of the League is getting worse in my opinion. Yes, i'm open for new directions and new ways to explore, but it was handled poorly. I've wrote some blogs about this and there are other blogs on Wiki for this subject. Some of new visions of lores are acceptable , some of them are just... just...

    I hope that the lore of the League would get better in next year and in Season 4. We got more context & great new editors for the Wiki, new outlook to the League, and great community for sharing experien…

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