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Future in Runeterra's Lore: Thoughts

Reilock June 24, 2013 User blog:Reilock

Hello everyone,

Let's write & theorycraft about the lores in the League. Ever since S3 began, we have seen(or seeing, we're still in it) great characters, new stories about Freljord etc...  Most of they we don't know nothing about.  We do know their personallity and, to be fair, most of their background are explained, but they're still in the shadows. Yes, some mystery is good for the story overall, so let's crack them! Let's start with:

  • Aatrox Aatrox: He is... problematic, not in a bad way, just... way too much mystery. Unlike other champions, we really don't know anything about him. All we know about him that he influence wars and that he is one of five remaining Darkin... which could mean that the Darkin are Godlike beings in Runeterra. I'll go with that, since he is portrayed as a saint(Stained Glass) in Demacian lore, and as a demon-like figurine in Noxus. That could mean that those two tribes in his backstory were old Noxus and Demacia. If so, Demacia should be the Protectorate side, since he is portrayed as a Divine Being, and the Magelord could be Noxians, I'm not sure... Still, we've to wait... how long it will take...
  • Nearly all newly released champions: Why did they joined the League? Yeah, usually before they did explained why champions joined, now... Ever since Zyra Zyra was released, no explanation were given why. This bugs me because they're not that dependent on the League. You could point out, for example, Diana Diana and Nami Nami, mainly they represent own power & people. For others, like Kha'Zix Kha'Zix, Aatrox Aatrox, even Thresh Thresh...
  • Nami Nami: I understand that she is a mermaid-hero of her people... and there is a problem. There is a merman race underwater, which we never heard of... I know you'll point out that it's not a problem for new information since we never had water based champions... O wait, Fizz we do! This brings to another  minor problem, no relations between him and her. Also, why are both hostile to Nautilus Nautilus?
  • Lissandra Lissandra: Main Question: Why did she revealed now? Does her reveal means that Summoners of the League will be ready for her takeover? 

That's it for now. Consider this blog as a Part I. I have to relax now. For I am a Student of Engineering of Environment Protection, and with my powers combined,  I... desperately need beer...