Sequel of these two .

So it's been a long since the last, because... I'm lazy. I apologize for that. Before we go, I have to thank to fellows for gave their examples, and for them, so, here we go:

By Jake and beemo99:

  • LuluSquare The Fae Sorceresses: A very mystical yordle cult that communes with the mysterious otherworld known as the Glade. Because their "leaders" aren't very concerned with anything they are known to have variouse unquie splinter groups such as:
  1. LuluSquare The Bittersweet Fae: These yordle have allied themselves with Zaun to fufill their goal of turning all the world into candy. They are adept in polymorphing magic.
  2. LuluSquare The Wicked Fae: This yordle cult is controlled by a supposed dark fae. A being that want the Glade to combine with Runeterra so they can gain control of it. Their known for there abilities in curses and hexs.
  3. LuluSquare The Dragon Trainer Fae: This cult is actually very isolated from the rest of the world liveing in a remote temple in Freljord. The baby dragons in the mountains provide the yordle with food and mounts. they are used as shock troops, scouts, and messengers.

By Alterrea:

  1. PoppySquare Noxus Ambassadors - a small group of Ambassadors had left Demacia long ago after a political incident, and now they serve Noxus.
  2. PoppySquare Iron Blacksmithes - the best blacksmithes of Demacia creating arms for the Ambassadors and the Scarlet Hammers. Ofically, they are considered as Ambassadors, but thes very rarely have diplomatical buisness.
  3. PoppySquare Scarlet Hammers - are the elite guard of the Ambassadors. They actually sometimes do take place in negotiations, but usually they are only serving as guards and warriors.


  1. They are led by the DariusSquare Lords, vetrans with huge political and battle experience. Only those who have served in the Hand can be chosen as Lords.
  2. Some of them are enhanced by dark bio-symbiotic weapons from Zaun. Called DariusSquare Bioforged, they are unstoppable cyborgs capable of wreaking havoc amongst enemy lines.
  3. Those exiled become DariusSquare Woad Kings. While they are actually not leaders, they are elite warriors capable of fighting in the woods. They often ally themselves with the AsheSquare Woad Archers.

And my take on:

  • AatroxSquare Aatrox is a demi-god of the unknown pantheon of Valoran's prehistoric Gods. He is always near the conflict, and he influences the bloodlust in wars. RyzeSquare Sorcerers believe that he started Valoran's Sin Wars.
  1. ​The cult of AatroxSquare False Justicar believes that AatroxSquare Aatrox is the saviour of Valoran. They present themselves as agends of the KayleSquare Angels.
  1. TrundleSquare Slugger Trolls are social Trolls who are disciplined in sports, especially in Baseball.
  2. TrundleSquare Junkyard Trolls are Trolls who are scrappers and workers for Bandle City and Zaun. They are neutral, and they are friendly with ZiggsSquare Deans of Hexplosives.
  3. TrundleSquare Trundle: Last known Troll of Ruhgosk Tribe and carrier of "Bonecrafter Curse", he was drafted in Freljord Wars by its own kind. He senced that battling along-side with LissandraSquare Watchers will be the fall for TrundleSquare Ice Trolls, he changed sided with the VolibearSquare Ursine and SejuaniSquare Princess Sejuani to fight LissandraSquare Watchers and the TrundleSquare Ice Trolls's King.

That's all for now. Enjoy life.