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League of Armies: Second Part

Reilock August 25, 2013 User blog:Reilock

Hello & Welcome!

A while ago I wrote about "What if champions were millitary/civilian units? ", and here is the sequel. There are still Citystates here. Let's begin reading:

  • Skarner Bracken: A very ancient & mysterious race that once lived surface dwellers, and followed the ways of unknown Darkin of Nature. Following the Rune Wars, Bracken tried to be neutral, but Aatrox someone successfully infused half of Bracken into violent frenzy & bloodlust, insuing the race into bloody civil war. For sake of the entire race, the non-violent Bracken went underground and devised to go into hybernation. And now, in a small valley called Crystal Scar the Bracken began to awake, and they met the world in different sight than before. Bracken made the decision to spread diplomacy & Bracken culture throught Runeterra. They teach everyone the nature of crystal, and naming them Taric Gem Knights and Ashe Amethyst Archers. They have other two types:
  1. Skarner Earthrune Brackern: They're chosen Bracken with higher Earth power, and have the wisdom using Rune magic. They work with Xerath Earthrune Elementals and Karma Karma to unlock the true meaning of Nature.
  2. Skarner Sandscourge Brackern: Some Bracken refused to go hybernation, and they're made Shiruma Desert their home. They're in good relations with newly-awakended Brackern and Nasus Nasus.

That's it for now, I'll try to write in future. Enjoy life.

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