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This blog is about Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard.

Let's ask ourselves: What's Skarner? Simple. He is a scorpion, and what are scorpions? They're predators, ruthless and quick, dangerous and powerful. Any Skarner I encountered were simply buy AD, or AP, or Hybrid, with no hint of speed, agility and streight. This blog is about Mobility Skarner, that I like write about.

Hybrid Skarner:

I use hybrid built, because it's only way to go, since his stats are not so good. He needs a buff.

Mobility-Hybrid Skarner, using movement items and some defence/offence, he can go into battle, Impale the Carry (ether AD or AP carry), quickly move him from his/her team, and kill him/her. Your team will focus other team with ease (it's then 4vs5 battle), or protect you from them. Runes and masteries, it's up to you. Items are:

Shyrelia's Crown with Merc Theads/ Eleisa's Miracle with Swiftness Boots, Trinity Force, Force of Nature, Randuin's Omen and Hextech Gunblade.

Disscucion: Defence: Omen and FoN are best for him. While your Victim is Impaled, FoN, passivly, gives you movement speed, and, upon activation your Q and Omen, Victim will be helpless to flee and at your mercy. Trinity is a must, he needs those stats. As for Boots, it's up to you, as long you have Tenacity, it's ok. Gunblade can be used as you second "Stinger" for your SECOND Victim.

In teamfights, you:

1. focus the carry, anyone potencial who can ravage your team;

2. Then you use your Ghost+Shyrelia/Boots of you choice+Trinity speed+FoN speed=A decicive and quick Impale carry.

3. Then you use your Q and Omen for slow effect. You'll surely kill the victim, then you go after another one, using Flash and the Sting from Hextech Gunblade.

The teamfight I described is late-game, when you have all the items, if you have.

Any Opinion and your Idea comment below.

NOTE: When I say Mobility Skarner, I don't mean stacking Phantom Dancers...