Hm, nevermind that, just a burst of today's events.

Season 4 is coming, and damn, it has some interesting changes. Free items, new jungle & support designs etc... Season 3, on one hand, was gamechanging at best. The tournaments, new champions stand out, old champions go updated, new quallity skins. On the other hand, lore went seriosly downhill. And since I'll be busy getting drunk this weekend in Fruska Gora, I'll start listing things that, in my opinion, are weird or just downright wth(f). Also, this is part II of this blog . So, here we go:

  1. Mysterious entries in League: nearly every champion is accepted in the League for no reason at all. Some champions we can guess why, like Lucian Lucian and Vi Vi, and some, like Aatrox Aatrox and... Jayce Jayce... don't have legimate reasons for it. 
  2. Aatrox Aatrox: I already wrote about him here, but, he is still problematic. Why did he joined the League? Also, relation between him and Tryndamere Tryndamere reminds me of God of War franchise.
  3. Journal of Justice Issues - relevant or not? : Considering the new Lore reworks, we have to address the Issues for this dilemma. We can all agree that major events are staying, like our great leader, Swain Swain who becomes the Grand General of Noxus or the Kalamanda Crisis. 
  4. Skins: In Issues of JoJ, it was made clear that skins are canon in-lore, like Pentakill band or Dr. MundoSquare.png Corporate Mundo. So, that means:
    1. The BattleCast crew And EzrealSquare.png Pulsefire Ezreal went back in our time?
    2. How about undead versions of Maokai Maokai and Zyra Zyra, do they exist?
  5. ​Bad Backstories: It has become an issue for new champions to get to know, and then there are lore that we all we wth(f) when we saw it. This problem began since... Jayce Jayce was released, and don't you worry, I'll ripp his lore to shreds next time. Other than... him, we have Trundle Trundle's lore being villainized(?) and I already covered that up here, and then we had Soraka Soraka and Warwick Warwick lore changed. It literally made me go "The hell..." when I first read it. Others were average, to say the least. Lucian Lucian's story, in my opinion, is the best of the bunch from Season 3.

I'm tired for now, well, Laku noc ...