Let me start with this, that Trundle Trundle, in gameplay, is not my fave. But lore-wise & animations-wise, he was best (not the best). He was, imo, is a very great character, with great judgement & unique skills & model. With this, he was outstanding in the League.

And then the rework came...

Ok, I know he needed update, but... why the rework? WHY??

Let me start with model update and honesly, it's good. However, why is he large?  

Which brings me to this question... Why is he Ice-theme champion? We have them enough. Don't get me wrong, I love ice, skiings & snow. My favorite hero & villain are ice-themed characters. As for his voice... very generic troll-like. 

New lore sucks. Simple, in comparison of his old lore, this is bullshit (no censorship, NEVEAAAR!!). And... is it just me, or all lore since Jayce that bastard released sucks balls? Think about it, more & more I see same style: too much text & less value of lore (basiclly that Meyer style of writing). It's just too much patting in lore. Nami Nami is best example of this. And remember Katarina Katarina's both old & new lores? Compare it. Old wins. Back to Trundle Trundle... With the new lore, it make a new way to screw up the entire lore of Lol. Remember this issue of JoJ? It's creates a plothole if Riot change the lore. Think about it.

Overall, Trundle Trundle, we'll miss you...

UPDATE: they kind-a "modified" both Volibear Volibear & Anivia Anivia's lores... You will compare the " too much text & less value of lore" style. I'm putting the blog on the League's forum .