Yes, this is happening.

This will be short blog, because I have no idea what to do with this subject, and no, this isn't commercial (i know, it isn't a right word for Add, no idea for writing it). This is for MyLands, a Browser free-to-play game, and yes, I played it because my laptop is weak and it is for work/faculty use. And today, on Facebook, I found this little picture with WarwickSquare Warwick on it.
Reilock Warwick
And the link goes to MyLand registration page.

And yes, MyLands has nothing to do with the League, or Moba in general.

So, My question is what to do with this? Do we report it or just ignore it?

It's in Serbian, because knowing other language is fun!

Also, League of Armies will be postponed, because I want to write a rant... a rant about this JayceSquare A-hole...