I've come to the conclusion that when I first started playing League; it was very exciting and all the champions I saw I fell inlove. My first favorite was Blitzcrank, I played and played all day just to get him. I loved him before, but now I refunded him and I don't even want to play him anymore. Also, I have noticed when I started to play more and got into the game, the new champions excited so alot. I think I was around when Zyra was first released ( i think ) I thought she was the coolest looking champion to ever set foot in this game. As with the similar situation with Blitz, I liost interest in her as months passed by and stopped playing her and all the other new champions I made sure to snag. All I jusy pretty much want is to feel like how I felt before about the champions and the game, instead of not even caring when a new champion comes out or quit playing a champion i loved when I started. Any suggestions or help?