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Screpta, the Skeletal Master (Updated)

Reinbow February 6, 2013 User blog:Reinbow

Name: Screpta (?)

Attributes: Melee, Caster, Tank


Passive: When one of Screpta's skeleton warriors are near an allied one; they gain 5% bonus ad (stacks up to 4 times.)

Q: Summon: Skeletal Warrior: Screpta summons a jumble of bones to rise from the ground, forming together a skeleton minion which fights alongside of her. (Screpta can cast up to 5 minions depending on her level.)

W: Weaken and Decrepit: Up to 2 skeletal minions attack an enemy unit, draining them of their energy causing them to be slowed for 2.5 seconds.

E: Curse of the Dead: Screpta calls forth a reckless skeletal minion which has a poisonous aura coming from it. The minion rushes through any enemy units within its range, after falling without life; poisoning the enemy units it affected with its curse.

R: Loose Soil: Screpta chants a spell, having undead hands rise from the ground, silences everyone inside the range for 2 seconds; snaring up to 3 champions for 2 seconds.


Recommended Items:


In Game Auto Attack Animations + Info

Screpta uses her pointed claws to attack an enemy champion, making her most suggested to be played as AD and a tank for full mobility.

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