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August 21, 2010
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  • Revan Malak

    So, yesterday I completely sucked with her. A lot of losses, everyone on my team snapped, I snapped and everything went to hell. Today things got very interesting. First I won with just two of the three guys who are on my team with a very good score (7-4-14) and right after that I made an astounding game with Kat, stacking 20 times from an AP item and scoring an incredible 11-0-5.

    So, I'll definitely buy her but I still need quite some IP. A bit less than 1500 but I'll collect it and start dishing out runes again after that.

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  • Revan Malak

    Bad luck

    August 25, 2010 by Revan Malak

    It's fun playing Katarina but she dies way too easily. I've tried a couple of builds but it's still pretty hard to compete with 25-30 level summoners with a new hero. Especially when I've never played mele before, except a very short period with Shen and Warwick in practise games only.


    1. Doran's Shield + HP potion

    2. Malady

    3. Frozen Mallet

    4. Haven't reached that one yet, lol, but I guess I'd buy her a Phantom Dancer

    Any advice is most welcome. :)

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  • Revan Malak

    There is a high possibility Week 7's champions will be the following:

    Fiddlesticks - Not really a champion I'm dying to play again; doesn't really stand out in a 5vs5;

    Anivia - A champion I'd try, yes, but not sure if I'd play the bird or not - too damn expensive;

    Ashe - Bought her, so yeah, this sucks a bit, but I'll be glad to own the n00bs who think they can play her good - trust me, it's not easy;

    Zilean - Really pissed me off, since this is my favorite champ and I don't want to see noobs ruin his good name;

    Twisted Fate - I also own him, so not that interesting to me, but he's a great champion to be on your team;

    Cho Gath - I hate this guy, but at least being free will mean new people will play him and will be easier to own;

    Galio - People are dyi…

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