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Week 7(unconfirmed information)

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There is a high possibility Week 7's champions will be the following:

Fiddlesticks - Not really a champion I'm dying to play again; doesn't really stand out in a 5vs5;

Anivia - A champion I'd try, yes, but not sure if I'd play the bird or not - too damn expensive;

Ashe - Bought her, so yeah, this sucks a bit, but I'll be glad to own the n00bs who think they can play her good - trust me, it's not easy;

Zilean - Really pissed me off, since this is my favorite champ and I don't want to see noobs ruin his good name;

Twisted Fate - I also own him, so not that interesting to me, but he's a great champion to be on your team;

Cho Gath - I hate this guy, but at least being free will mean new people will play him and will be easier to own;

Galio - People are dying to try him before his OP stats are gone; I might try him too;

Soraka - Waste of space - worthless 1vs1;

Udyr - Hate this guy, but I'd love to pwn noobs who can't use him right;

Katarina - I both hate her and would love to try her out;

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