• Revanchest

    Runic Compass

    July 11, 2014 by Revanchest

    Salutations ladies and gentleman, not from me but for the fact that someone is finally taking the effort to make a jungle guide, no not just for one champion or not just a crackpot theory on someone who can already jungle but the guide is so bad it actually makes said jungler impossible to use, but I'm getting sidetracked already but bare in mind this will be a work in progress and I will work on it each day~

    I'm Revanchest, no not Raven~Chest, Revanchest, please get this right because 9/10 people get it wrong ^^;;;; ....... -_-!

    I've played league for...god...3 years no? on and off from college because why? it's damn fun that's why and after seeing so many guides that utterly are likely to get you more deaths to wolves than they will kills …

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