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  • Rezardmaw

    Hey, umm...

    This is my first time using this feature so forgive me for any misshape and mispell that may appear in my concept idea.

    So i hear that Enchantment Bloodrazor is not doing good for now, some champions which used to build Devourer not performing so well after the replacement of this item. For now i think 3% max health damage is stronger than 6% current health damage ( BorK ) because max health damage is constant and current health damage will diminish overtime. Also, seeing how weak it is now RITO will probably buff it to the point where some ADC and Bruiser will take Smite to buy Bloodrazor because it doesn't need to build up stack now. Here is my proposed change :


    • +(45)% bonus attack speed</li>
    • +(0)% total attack speed</l…
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