• Rhodair

    LoL Modeler (Spreadsheet)

    November 7, 2010 by Rhodair

    LoL Modeler (for patch

    What is this?!
    - Complete item/rune/mastery/spell calculations for all Champions at any level
    - Main goal is to achieve the highest accuracy possible while keeping data easily presentable
    - Currently only supported for Excel. I'd like to get it working in OpenOffice, but I'm not familiar with it yet (I just downloaded it today). If anyone has any tips on getting the formulas to work in OpenOffice or comments/suggestions on anything else, email me at DeadlyStraw@hotmail.com - see the ReadMe tab for other ways you can help.

    For the very near future:
    - Will have complete tank support
    - Will add LeBlanc soon
    - Model stacking items better (Currently you just chose a set stack amount, which is fine for regular dps, but …

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