LoL Modeler (for patch

What is this?!
- Complete item/rune/mastery/spell calculations for all Champions at any level
- Main goal is to achieve the highest accuracy possible while keeping data easily presentable
- Currently only supported for Excel. I'd like to get it working in OpenOffice, but I'm not familiar with it yet (I just downloaded it today). If anyone has any tips on getting the formulas to work in OpenOffice or comments/suggestions on anything else, email me at - see the ReadMe tab for other ways you can help.

For the very near future:
- Will have complete tank support
- Will add LeBlanc soon
- Model stacking items better (Currently you just chose a set stack amount, which is fine for regular dps, but I'll make it stack realistically for burst) & Havoc mastery for abilities
- Anything else you feel I should switch up. This could be anything from the look of whatever to a calculation error you find to some crazy, off the wall suggestion that will eat up even more of my time. I'm looking for a challenge and hoping I can get this spreadsheet as close to people's desires as possible.

So far the brunt of the work is complete for damage. There are still a lot of final tweaks I'd like to do such as more accuracy checks on all champions. This is especially true with attack speed since no official data had been released in quite some time, and I've already discovered the majority of info online is outdated. I imagine only 2/3rds of the champions have correct attack speed data, and I will correct these as quickly as I can. I've only been playing this game for a few months, so I'm at the mercy of which are free each week and how quickly I can purchase the others.

From there I'll be working on tank modeling (Maybe a healer one? Would that matter to anyone?) I also have a couple other good ideas, but I'll leave it a mystery for now in case I discover it can't be done without having to teach myself visual basic.

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