• Ricoindigo

    Hello everyone! I'm Rico and I've always loved the way concepts, data and maths impact gameplay, fun and shenanigans. I used to write down my own balance changes out of things I thought that would be cool to have. As Riot stated they're planning to rework the mage class and 6 champions in general. This is my take on the whole subject!

    Keep in mind that I'm still working on this, and the incomplete sections are there as bookmarks.

    Also, I've tried very hard to balance every number but I can't test these so every reasonable balance idea would be welcome.

    I would love to hear what you think, and if you think these ideas should be implemented in the game, I could post it on the official forum, hoping it is upvoted and noticed by Rioters.

    Here it g…

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  • Ricoindigo

    Aqui - The Puzzle Jester

    November 15, 2015 by Ricoindigo

    Aqui, the Puzzle Jester is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    It is a tribute to Aqui (pronounced Ahkee) the tiny red devil from the Devil Dice series. I've always been rooting for characters with an incredibly deceiving strength, and those bearing very complex kits.

    Aqui falls into both categories: a frail (and adorable) mage with tons of utility through an extremely challenging gameplay, whose burst relies on the perfect positioning of every conjured "Dice" when they trigger the passive component of its ultimate. This way, Aqui could potentially inflict huge damage to all enemies inside its area of effect. As broken as it may sound, it takes much time and precision to set up its nukes: this makes Aqui a premium objective-oriented fighte…

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