The final whistle has blown for our Football skins and, after going into extra time on the Fields of Justice, it’s safe to say they won us all over. Red Card Katarina, Goalkeeper Blitzcrank, Striker Ezreal, and All-Star Akali will be heading to the dressing room at midnight on Sunday, October 31st. As a final treat these athletic skins will be available for 20% off!

Red Card Katarina (normally 975 RP) will now be 780 RP
Goalkeeper Blitzcrank (normally 520RP) will now be 416 RP
Striker Ezreal (normally 520 RP) will now be 416 RP
All-Star Akali (normally 975 RP) will now be 780 RP

Also, don’t forget that our spooky Harrowing skins will also be leaving the Store, so be sure to catch them before they are discontinued at midnight on Tuesday, November 2nd.
Visit the Store and collect your limited edition skins before they disappear for good!

Moneypenny, Marketing Manager[1]