Those of you who began your MOBA careers with League of Legends can attest to the challenge of getting your feet wet in a competitive environment. With this in mind, allow us to present the latest innovation in rookie summoner education: Battle Training.

Battle Training will provide a middle ground between the League of Legends tutorial and a live game against other players. Here, newcomers will be able to play out their first game of League of Legends against bots on Summoner's Rift. Over the course of the game, they will be presented with dynamic tips that address their specific mistakes, along with primary and secondary quests that guide them through the major objectives on the map.

By easing new players into the matchmaking queue more gradually and providing them with the savvy they need to contribute successfully when a team is depending on them, we can produce new players of a higher caliber. In our careers as Summoners in the League, we’ve all learned that better players make for a better gameplay experience for everyone.

Battle Training is only the first step. The new systems developed for Battle Training have the potential to serve as a foundation for exciting new content in the future. There's still a long road ahead of us, but thanks to Battle Training, the horizon just got a little closer.

ByronicHero, Community Manager[1]