The votes have been tallied, and the night owls have it over the snow bunnies. That’s right, the polls have spoken, and the Harrowing version of Summoner's Rift will be officially eclipsing its wintry predecessor (no pun intended). So hang up those winter coats, because in the near future queuing up for a 5v5 match or hosting a custom game will find you either basking in the summer sun or cowering in the dark. You asked for it, summoners, and we're here to deliver!

Now, for those truly heartbroken by this turn of events, don't fret too much. There will be ample opportunity to revisit your beloved winter wonderland as we draw closer to the Snowdown Showdown. We haven't forgotten about the Holiday Season,and we wouldn't want to put such a damper on your seasonal spirit that you forget to deck the halls or go caroling. For now, though, we hope you're not afraid of the dark.

ByronicHero, Community Manager[1]