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In Bandle City there are some very strange yordle including Imamori. He's loved by yordles , but only ZiggsSquare Ziggs , RumbleSquare Rumble and HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger know his true form. Somebody have been cursed his back with an ancient seal that, if controlled as well, can let somebody to be really stronger. Imamori learned how to control it but HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger is trying to dissolve this seal but all tests have never given a positive outcome. ZiggsSquare Ziggs and RumbleSquare Rumble instead are searching some rare minerals in Piltover but nothing of usefull has already found.

Imamori said that he want be cured but the more time passes , more chance he have to lose the control. He joined the League of Legends because he's trying to find the one who cursed him and because HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger said that if he fight someone he have less chance to lose the control and keep the calm more time.

"I'm an adorable fat yordle! But i hope that you will never see me while i'm angry".


Upon Selection
  • Yoho ready to follow me, Summoner?
  • Yoooooorlde power!
  • Trust the science!
  • Science is the truth!
  • Do not curse the ally.
  • Wooooouuuu you are easy to kill.
  • This will hurt!
  • We will come to you!
  • Ready to be stronger.
  • Science is goooood!
  • Yordleeee are coming.
  • Bandle City Will be Upgraded!
  • Choof Choof Baby.
  • Do whatever you want, but i'll kill you!'
  • Run like a rabbit!
  • Bandle City Owns!
  • Yohohoho they will be angry!
  • I'm the highest yordle! Or maybe not.
  • Be care, because if i get angry, u get tons of wound!
Trasforming into demon near HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger,RumbleSquare Rumble or ZiggsSquare Ziggs
  • I'm... losing the control!

  • Poor fool!
  • This will only hurts... a lot!
  • Killing you is soo easy!
  • Let your blood be mine.
  • They will be crushed.
  • Stop being sissy!
  • Come on , fight!
  • Crush them down.
  • Come out cowards!
  • Soo easy prey!
  • Run , run!
  • Gooooooooin!
  • Coming.
  • They will be shattered soon!
  • Give me your body!
  • Death? The perfect word for you!
  • You will be purified!
  • Nowhere to run!
  • C'mon fight me!
  • There's only death if you fight m... (cough) wait, i'm old.
  • Purify element does nothing to m... (cough) or maybe yes.
  • Punch their fa... how she does it?
Trasforming into yordle near HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger,RumbleSquare Rumble or ZiggsSquare Ziggs
  • Acquiring controll!