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  • Imamori was developed by Riuzak
  • Imamori is the first champion that can convert his ability power into attack damage.
    • It's also the first champion to have a range of 200.
  • Imamori is the first yordle that can transform his size whenever he want.
    • It's also the first fat yordle.


  • Imamori quote "Yohohoho they will be angry!" is similar to TrundleSquare Trundle quote "Ohoho, they look angry!"
  • Imamori quote "Choof Choof Baby" is similar to the popular quote "Choof Choof Motherf*****"
  • Imamori quites "Purify element does nothing to m... (cough) or maybe yes." is a reference to VayneSquare Vayne
    • Also "Punch their fa... how she does it?" is a reference to ViSquare Vi and DariusSquare Darius