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    Ever since I first got Warwick (which was before the IP cost reduction) I've always built him as a defensive dps with proc-on hit effects. But the more I played with him, the more I saw how you could build him. Once I saw that his Q's ap ratio was rather high, I once tried an ap build on him. To my surprise, it actually worked with a 8/2/10 score. But the next time I tried it, my score was 0/12/5. Another build I saw was an all attack speed build, with each item boosting attack speed. Even though it was rather funny to see WW's animation going at lightning speed, it wasn't pracitcal at all, even with a Malady/Wit's End combo. Another build I tried was an all Attack Damage build because of WW's high ratio on his ultimate (this was before th…

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