So I've seen one or two blog posts like this, and observed that the overwhelming majority of commenters provided very useful and knowledgable feedback; as such, I decided to give it a go. I already play quite a bit of GalioSquare Galio, and I like the manner in which he is built and the complementary nature of his innate, Runic Skin Runic Skin. I'm looking for a similar tank where I can focus primarily on one resistance, and I've narrowed it down to MalphiteSquare Malphite or RammusSquare Rammus. I've mulled it over and looked around at the pros and cons of each, but would like to hear some feedback from others here on the wiki. If there are any recommendations to be made, factors to consider, or even ideas for other champions that may fit the role I'm looking for, feel free to contribute to the discussion as much or as little as you want and/or see fit. I look forwarding to hearing from everyone!