So i recently observed that there are some specific types of junglers...There are 4 types of them and the AP,AD,Heatlh Based and AS jungler are included to them...So let's get started.


Hecarim ganks Mundo in order to take a kill

  • The 1st type of Junglers is the Duelist Ganker. He's a powerfull fighter that deals a lot of damage and excel at ganking. They have some type of CC that doesn't have to be a great stun or snair, but a slow. They can kill the enemy at a gank without the assist of their teammate. Some good examples of strong Duelist Gankers are Lee Sin, Olaf, Udyr, Jax and Heca.


Nautilus waiting the opportunity to apply hard CC at the enemy Pantheon so Garen kill him

  • The 2nd type of Junglers is the Gank Assister. This Jungler's purpose is to apply hard CC at the enemy in order to give the kill to his teammate. He doesn't do a lot of damage and he clears his jungle slowly. Some examples of this type of Junglers are Rammus and Alistar(if playing as Jungler).
  • The 3rd type of Jungler is the Speed Clearer. This type of jungler clear the jungle camps fast in order to gain exp. He may also help one lane that is 2v1 by killing the enemy's minions fast. Those junglers aren't good gankers but excel at counter jungle. This way they gain more gold to buy wards and dominate at the jungle( I mean dragon and baron )
  • The 4th type of Junglers is the True Assassin. They have a lot of ways to bypass enemy wards. Some of them clears the jungle really fast and some of them ganks very well. No one of them don't have great CC and damage together that's why they aren't Duelist Gankers or Assistsers.

To close i would like to ask for your opinion. For avoid comments like "what about AP,AD,AS,Health Based junglers" comments i would like to tell you that they are included at the categories above. So let's see who is the better type of jungler?

By the way my fav. type of jungler is the True Assassin.