Hello everyone. In this blog I will try to analyze the types of supports. There are a few different types of supports, both in utility and in role. In no case we can choose which type of sypport is the best. All types are better at something than others and choosing the "best type" depends on what enemies we will be facing

Let us start to analyze the types of supports as it has to do with their role.

  • 1.   The 1st type of supports is the "Dedicated Support". This is the most common type of support that sacrifies 
    Sona Arcade Screenshots

    Sona is a dedicated support that aids her adc to get kills and farm by buying auras etc

     is life in order to give kill at his adc. He is often poking the enemy adc or support in order to let his adc to farm safetly and engaging 1st at teamfights ( 2v2 or 3v3 at the bottom lane ). He buys wards and items with auras in order to help his adc win the lane and the teamfights. Sona, Soraka and Taric are perfect examples of this type of support.
  • 2.   The 2nd type of support is the "Ap Support". This type of support can easily go on a solo lane but has 
Karma OriginalSkin

Karma is an "Ap Support"

abilities that lend itself towards support, rather than damage. Zilean, Morgana and Karma are the perfect examples of this type of supports. They focus on winning their lane and using their abilities to push, poke and aiming other lanes.

Now lets start analyzing the types of supports as it has to do with their utility,

  • 1.   The 1st type is the "Hard Assister". This type of support prepare the kills for his adc with hard CC and/or debuffs. Most of them are tanks or facilitate an initiation in teamfight situations. Perfect examples or this type of supports are Alistar, Morgana and ofc Blitz.
  • 2.   The 2nd type is the "Sustainer". This type of support is the one that has a great ammount of heals, capable at keeping their partner and/or his team at good health. This champion helps his adc to keep pushing or provide help when running out from a gank or teamfight. Perfect examples are Taric, Sona and ofc Soraka.
  • 3.   The 3rd and last type is the "Preventioner". This ttype of support keeps his ally from harm through the use of shields, debuffs and CC. They share some traits with the other 2 categories above but they don't have that much CC ( silence etc ), or heals. They just keep protecting their to escape from hard situations. Perfect examples of this type are Janna, Lux and ofc Kayle.

Sry about the names i just made them up. I'm waiting for your comments about what i forgot.