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  • Rossendale2

    Hello guys! After some thought, I have decided to come back to Balthasar, and remake him a bit. It's nothing very big, but with his slightly reworked kit he will now benefit more from stacking armor, as well as fit into other playstyles apart from Support. Please feel free to point out any mistakes I made, because I'm sure there is loads :P

    UPDATE: Lore is here :D I'm currently working on rewriting some of his quotes, these should come up shorty as well.

    EDIT: Big shout out to Luckyvampire for cleaning up this page! Thank you so much, I'm really rubbish when it comes to those things, though I am learning :D

    Balthasar's basic attacks gain damage equal to 3/5/9/12/15% of his Bonus armor.

    |description2 = Balthasar slams his shield into the groun…

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  • Rossendale2

    Okay, so I thought this would be a relaxing kind of blog for people to post all of these failed situations, or stupid decisions in LoL, since, let's face it, we all have had moments were we just want to slap our faces and say "Why the heck did I just do that?" As a starter, here's something that happened to me today -

    So, I was Garen solo top lane, against a Teemo solo top lane. Thanks to my quick buying skills, I managed to hide in his brush, and when he came, I quickly Q assaulted him and began to get basics on him, while he didn't even react. After I got him to like 25% hp, he started to run, and I gave chase, using my ignite on him in the process. The adrenaline rushed over me, as I... Chased him right under a turret and gave away first…

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  • Rossendale2

    Hello, Wikipedians! I am here to bring up a subject that has probably been brought up many times before, however it doesn't hurt to bring it up once more, for it is still a problem among the LoL community (or so I believe). The problem I am talking about, as you can tell from the title, is killstealing.

    For those of you who are new to League of Legends, or have yet not came across this term for whatever reason, here is a definition - killstealing is a name given to the act where one player is battling/ganking/whatever another player, and the fight has reached the point where a kill is just about certain, when a teammate of the first player comes along and scores the last hit on the enemy player, granting him the kill, which rightfully "belo…

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  • Rossendale2

    A theory about Jinx

    September 30, 2013 by Rossendale2

    So, you know how Jinx vandalized the Brazilian version of Lucian's page, making fun of his dead wife? Well, what if Jinx IS Lucian's dead wife? How? Well, let me get to this now.

    So, between sitting in Thresh's lantern for eternity, being tormented by evil spirits, everyone goes mad at some point. And that's what happened to Sienna. However, her madness was used by Thresh who wanted a way to get rid of Lucian once and for all (and to torment Lucian, since I believe he would actually do that sort of thing. I mean, look at him. Can that flaming head lie?). So, he used his powers plant an image in Sienna's head, and to twist her mind to believe that it was Lucian's fault that she died, since he could have saved her but chose to save himself. S…

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  • Rossendale2

    Hello! I have decided to copy my champion concept from the LoL forums and post it here, because why not? This character is basically a Tank Support, who instead of utilizing shields, heals, and that sort of thing, focuses on being able to soak large amounts of damage for their squishy and being able to chase and lock down other champions (sort of like Thresh and Leona). I imagine this character would be played as an aggressive type of support, and bring a bit of freshness to the pretty slim Support group, which saddens me because I believe Supports are great and deserve a larger amount of champions. Don't you agree?. Also, I believe that there is a certain lack in humorous kind of champions. The only ones in the whole bunch are Veigar and …

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