Okay, so I thought this would be a relaxing kind of blog for people to post all of these failed situations, or stupid decisions in LoL, since, let's face it, we all have had moments were we just want to slap our faces and say "Why the heck did I just do that?" As a starter, here's something that happened to me today -

So, I was Garen solo top lane, against a Teemo solo top lane. Thanks to my quick buying skills, I managed to hide in his brush, and when he came, I quickly Q assaulted him and began to get basics on him, while he didn't even react. After I got him to like 25% hp, he started to run, and I gave chase, using my ignite on him in the process. The adrenaline rushed over me, as I... Chased him right under a turret and gave away first blood as he stood there, victorous, with something like 80HP. I had to spend the whole walk back to my lane apologising to my team. They were not impressed.

So, that's my fail funny story. What's yours?