Hey guys!

I just want to discuss something that really annoys me.

So much people think that Darius is strongest champion in League. They always complain about his ultimate, Q, passive...

I have to say that i play him oftenly and he is powerful. Kiting is not very successful because of his pull. Counters mostly fail because he can still outdamage them. But, he is definitely not the most dangerous one.

This time i will complain about other champions than Darius. So many people complain about his OPness. But i know stronger and better champions, and no one ever cried about them, like:


Passive - Infinite sustain if you can farm properly press some buttons.

Q - AoE knockup with high damage. Then, long and strong slow.

W - AoE long as hell silence with great damage too. Oftenly used to farm minions(look: Passive).

E - AoE on-hit bonus damage. Makes him dangerous even when silenced. Also, helps with farming(look: Passive).

R - True damage with pretty high AP ratio, low cooldown. Grants him hell load of health when fully stacked...

So, it's strong AP tank with sustain + true damage nuke ultimate with low cooldown and great AoE and cc for teamfights.



Passive - Regenerates pretty high amount of health after gaining no damage from champions, towers or jungle monsters for 9 seconds. Since minions can't break it, it became much easier to hold.

Q - Incredible high movement boost with long duration and bonus damage with silence on hit. And, breaks from slows at beggining. Slowing him is just pointless.

W - More defence please. Turned on makes him almost unkillable for these 2 seconds.

E - AoE damage higher than his attack damage each second. Can strike critically... :O

R - High magic damage based on target's missing health + base amount. Can take down some enemies easily.

So, it's insanely strong AD tank with sustain and deadly damage even when built with health. Build health + Sunfire Cape and still deal tons of damage. What about some logic?

Actually, some people complain about him...

So which champs in your opinion are stronger than Darius?