Hey guys!

What do you think about picking exhaust instead of ignite for top lane? By my experiences, i have noticed that people mostly pick ignite for top lane, no matter which champion do they pick or play against. And, in my opinion, this is pretty much pointless. Let's look:


+ Additional true damage that can be added to combo

+ Can score a kill

+ Massively drops down enemy's health regen

+ Bonus stats with masteries

+ Incredibly effective against champions with rapid regen, like Mundo, Swain or Volibear

- Pretty useless when you are losing your lane

- Mostly casted even if it is not needed to score a kill

- Useless if you can't catch your enemy

- Much less useful in late game


+ Can save your life

+ Makes you able to win 1v1 even if you are below 1/2 health

+ Very useful when you are losing your lane

+ Incredibly effective against most AD classes

+ Still useful in late game

+ Armor and magic resistance reduction with masteries

+ Oftenly secures your kill

- Can't perform a kill

- Much worse against AP classes

- Can be taken down by several items and abilities

Of course, there are some more pros and cons, but i have no idea for that moment. Also, there are other spells too, but this post is about exhaust and ignite.

I prefer exhaust much more than ignite for top lane. This skill just stomps melee carries and other AD's. Of course, ignite works great against some champions, but not as much as exhaust.

At all, i prefer ignite only for mid lane.

What are your thoughts?