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I've got enough answers. This idea would maybe help in some cases, but as long as part of community that is causing these problems, i don't think there is really perfect method. Also, this is not first ever idea like this.

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________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey guys!

Propably every ranked player here had to dodge queue at least once because of troll/flaming players. And, before, 30 minutes of waiting was nothing bad for me - i was just doing something else for that time.

But now, queue dodging means losing league points. But trolls and flamers are still existing. And this is the problem - you can't save yourself from lose, or else you have to lose 3 or more points, which is small amount when you are somewhere in earlier divisions of the tier, but turn into painful penalty when you are about to get promoted.

And because of this, i present to you perfect thing to avoid these situations.



Kick Vote In Champion Selection In Solo/duo queues!


How this would work? Simply.

- Spot an annoying player.

- Press "vote for kick" button next to his nick.

- Vote begins, 1 vote from you is set to 'yes'.

- After vote is done, two options are possible.

]]]- 2/3 yes/no - kick is prevented. Can start again for same person in 30 seconds.

]]]- 3/2 yes/no - kick is done. Kicked player is prevented from playing for 5 minutes and gains 1 kick point.

Kick points is something that can ban them if they keep trolling. Points refresh when player haven't gained any point in recent 2 ranked games. If player gains 5 kick points, he gets banned for some time.

Why 3 'yes' is enough? Because somebody would then troll with duo partner, preventing vote and forcing somebody to dodge.

Simple, yet great idea.

EDIT: Idea imo is really good. But there is still one problem. Braindead part of LoL community. If people were better, we wouldn't need any new system...

Trolls are everywhere, you know that. And, this idea wasn't about to perfectly fit the problems, just to reduce number of queue dodging accidents.

What are your thoughts?