Hey guys!

Have you ever thought about reasons why some champions are just forgotten?

As i have noticed recently, whenever i talk with any LoL player about champions like Karma or Trundle, they just begin to laugh or joke about them. No matter how is their elo - from -1200 even to gold and platinum ranked players, they all say the same.

I am always so concerned about their popularity. And, in my opinion there is one thing that makes them so unwanted - People don't know how to play them. And these ones mostly take their positions on least played champions. 10 least played champions between 22-23th january(from Lolking):

I - Karma   II - Poppy   III - Heimerdinger   IV - Tryndamere   V - Trundle   VI - Urgot   VII - Viktor   VIII - Xerath   IX - Sion   X - Zilean

All these champions have less or more abilities that are just awesome. What about Poppy's ultimate? Viktor's ultimate casted in teamfight? Heimer blinding and stunning enemy carry when kiting him into turrets at once? Those are just examples.

But, there is one champion that i have to discuss about some more. Have you ever seen Karma carrying whole game and dominating so hard? I guess almost no one here did. And that's what i don't understand. I am playing as her for maybe 3 weeks and i have already noticed some things:

+ Karma has high AoE damage with good scaling

+ Powerful shield that can also deal damage when Mantra is active

+ AoE heal scaling on base amount + % of missing health!

+ Long duration soft CC that can be also turned to buff for allies

+ Hard to take down when played skillfully

+ Able to play top, mid and support role

+ 6 levels for every skill = more effectiveness

- Low range on most skills

- High cooldown on Mantra in early game

- No ordinary ultimate

- Hard to understand skillset

More pros than cons. Actually, she is one of my mains, i prefer her as support averagely, but on mid and top i have already carried some games, and i really encourage you all to try her. She is so powerful, but people just don't care about it...

What are your thoughts about them?